Choosing the Right Hot Tub or Spa Pool Size For Your Kiwi Backyard

13 June, 2024

Hot tubs and spas come in many different sizes in New Zealand, ranging from 2-6 person compact spas to mid-range 4-6 person spas and large spas that fit upwards of seven people! So, which hot tub is right for you? To help you answer this question, Sapphire Spas will run you through the differences between small, medium, and large spas and explore standard measurements and weights.


Our Spa Pool Collection Suits All Kinds Of Spa Size Requirements

When choosing the right spa, you will generally come across sizes like ‘small’, ‘medium’, and ‘large’. But that can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with typical spa sizes. Let's look at what each size means.


Small Hot Tubs (2-3 Person Spas)


Spa pool on deck with mountain view

A small or compact hot tub fits between two to three people. This means that a compact spa will be around 1.6m x 2m with a height of 0.8m. A compact spa is perfect for people with small families who want somewhere to relax with their closest friends.


Compact spas are also great for apartments or homes with small backyards and patios, and you can see in the image above how the myPartner 3-person spa has been installed effortlessly into a cosy balcony setting.

2-3 Person Spas

Here are two of the most popular models from our compact spas range that are ideal for two to three people:


Medium Hot Tubs (4-6 Person Spas)


Spa pool with surrounding deck and lush green grass in background


The medium hot tub size is the mid-size range that accommodates between four and six people. The Family range at Sapphire Spas has a wide range of mid-size hot tubs.


One of the most popular spas from this range is the myChillout 5-person spa featured above. At approximately 2m square, the myChillout easily fits five people. It has multiple seat configurations to ensure every family member has a seat at just the right size.


Whether you are 6 feet tall and need a recliner or the youngest in the family and need a higher seat, the Family spa range will have something for you

4-6 Person Spas

Here are three more popular spas from the Family range:


Large Hot Tubs (7+ Person Spas)


Large Spa pool with umbrella and mountain view

Typically, the largest hot tub size you will encounter is designed for seven or more people. These hot tubs start at 2.2 metres and gradually get bigger.


The largest spa that Sapphire Spas offers is the myTeam featured above, which seats ten people! It's included in the Entertain Range.

7-10 Person Spas

Here are three more popular large-sized spas:


Hot Tub Weights

The weight of a hot tub depends on several things:

  • The size of the hot tub
  • Whether or not the hot tub is filled with water
  • How many people are in the hot tub

These three factors must be considered when deciding where to place your brand-new spa. We've compiled a list of some of our most popular spas to give you an idea of what a spa can weigh when empty and filled with water. 


Spa Water Capacity Weight When Empty/Dry Weight When Full/Wet
mySpace 2-person spa 510 litres 270 kg 1070 kg
myEscape 5-person spa 1100 litres 255 kg 1480 kg
myOasis 5-person spa 1100 litres 255 kg 1430 kg
myDream 6-person spa 1100 litres 260 kg 1485 kg
myRecovery 7-person spa 1380 litres 410 kg 1935 kg
myFriends 8-person spa 1380 litres 335 kg 1885 kg


 Hot Tub Pad Size


A hot tub pad is the foundation your new spa sits on. It ensures that your spa is safe for use, prevents damage from sinking and warping and ensures that your warranty is not voided due to inadequate support structures.


The exact foundation you need will vary depending on the size of the hot tub you purchase. Generally, the slab must extend at least 200mm outside the spa dimensions for stability.


Spa pads can be either a concrete slab like pictured above, paving or a timber deck. Whichever option you choose, ensure a 600mm clearance around your entire spa. We also strongly recommend using licensed professionals when installing your spa foundation.


Check out our step-by-step guide to preparing a base for a spa in New Zealand to understand all the different stages and requirements of the process.


So, What Spa Size Is Right For Me?


The right spa or hot tub size depends on various factors, such as:

  • Available space
  • The number of seats you need
  • Who will be using the spa
  • What are you using the spa for (relaxation, hosting friends and family, or exercise)?

Here are a few suggestions to help you determine the ideal spa or hot tub size for your specific needs.


For homes with limited space: the myPartner 3-person spa. This spa from our compact range can easily occupy a tiny corner of your patio or deck. It's great for homes with tight spaces and apartment balconies.


For families: the myTemptation 5-person spa. This is an excellent choice for those who require a bigger spa and the flexibility of a multi-person model. With easy steps and smooth movement into position, it provides seamless operation while providing a soothing neck and shoulder massage that relaxes the muscles in your back and eases tension.


For those who want to entertain: the myTeam 10-Person Spa. Great for social gatherings or larger families, the myTeam features powerful pumps, spacious comfort and a variety of seating.


Cost of Running a Spa Pool in New Zealand


How much your spa costs to run depends on the model you own, water temperature, how long you keep the jets on, insulation around the spa, the ambient temperature around the spa, etc. For tips and tricks on keeping running costs down, look at Sapphire Spas' article Spa pool running costs.


Spa pools have come a long way since a timber tub in the backyard, kept far away from the house, often forgotten and rarely used. Nowadays, spa pools come in a variety of sizes and are designed for regular use at an affordable price.


You also have different style options to choose from. Sapphire Spas offers the choice of a cedar spa featuring high-quality EnviroGum natural timber cabinetry or a sleek, modern spa made from Duratek/composite cabinetry.


Efficient to heat and easy to maintain, spa pools are becoming a typical feature in most homes.


Explore our spa pool, swim spa and plunge pool collection and book a test dip at your local Sapphire Spas retailer in New Zealand. Give us a call at 0800 477 276 if you have questions, or go through our spa installation planning guide for more details.