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NEW M6Dualzone swim spa




5980 x 2290 x 1320

1400kg dry
9850kg wet

M6Dualzone swim spa : 1 x spa + 1 x pool

Much more than a backyard swimming pool... now you can set the 2 zones to different temperatures

Hydrotherapy spa with seating for 6 people PLUS an open splash pool or training zone with swim jet resistance

Re-create the warmth, water and time together and make new holiday memories! Consider the new M6dualzone as your alternative to the overseas trip and escape our winter for many years to come.

Premium model shown with smartTOUCH digital touchpad in spa & pool end

Product Specifications

classic premium
SQR jets 48 68
swim jets 4 4
foot massage
filtration pump 1 spa + 1 swim 1 spa + 1 swim
hydrojet boost pump 1 spa + 2 swim 2 spa + 3 swim
blast of bubbles
powersmart control & touchpad SV2 spa + SV3 swim SV3 spa + SV3 swim
smartTOUCH digital touchpad optional
powersmart variable heater 3kw spa +6kw swim 6kw spa + 6kw swim
powersmart heat pump OPT spa + 5.5kw swim OPT spa + 8.8kw swim
minimum power required 15amp spa + 32amp swim 32amp spa + 32amp swim
heat&cool pump options 8.8/12kw 12kw
heat pump ready plumbing
purewater CD ozone sanitisation
clearzone water sanitisation optional
LED waterline lighting
iLight swim tracking optional
2 x cool down seats seats OPT seats STD & jets OPT
mySpaLINK optional optional
mySpaHIFI optional optional
cedar cabinet
duratek cabinet optional optional
heatlockthermo+ insulation
stainless steel support bar
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