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myDualzone 6.0m swim spa




5980 x 2290 x 1320

1500kg dry
9950kg wet

myDualzone6.0m swim spa


The myDualzone6.0m allows for maximum versatility for those with a large family and varied needs or if you simply want the benefits of both a swim spa and a spa pool. The myDualzone features separate, independently controlled massage therapy and swim zones. Keep your spa warm and ready for relaxing hydrotherapy at a moment’s notice while keeping the pool cooler workouts or recovery. The spa pool zone offers two luxurious recliners with shoulder massagers and jets from upper back to feet, and the different length recliners ensure that there’s a seat to suit anyone. Meanwhile, the three upright seats offer a generous footwell and an assortment of jet layouts for maximum muscle recovery. With all the benefits of both spas in one, the myDualzone is the spa to suit the whole family.

Product Specifications

  • SQR jets
  • swim jets
  • foot massage
  • filtration pump
  • 3Hp massage pump
  • blast of bubbles
  • powersmart control & touchpad
  • smartTOUCH digital touchpad
  • powersmart variable heater
  • powersmart heat pump
  • minimum power required
  • heat pump OPTIONAL UPGRADE
  • heat pump ready plumbing
  • purewater CD ozone sanitisation
  • clearzone water sanitisation
  • LED waterline lighting
  • iLight swim tracking
  • waterspouts
  • 2 x cool down seats
  • mySpaLINK
  • mySpaHIFI
  • envirogum or duratek cabinet
  • lockable hardcover
  • heatlockthermo+ insulation
  • stainless steel support bar
  • DOWNLOAD TECH SHEET for equipment placement
  • classic
  • 48
  • 4
  • 1 spa + 1 swim
  • 1 spa + 2 swim
  • SV2 spa + SV3 swim
  • optional
  • 3kw spa +6kw swim
  • OPT spa + 5.5kw swim
  • 15amp spa + 32amp swim
  • 8.8/12kw
  • optional
  • optional
  • seats OPT
  • optional
  • optional
  • optional
  • premium
  • 68
  • 4
  • 1 spa + 1 swim
  • 2 spa + 3 swim
  • SV3 spa + SV3 swim
  • 6kw spa + 6kw swim
  • OPT spa + 8.8kw swim
  • 32amp spa + 32amp swim
  • 12kw
  • seats STD & jets OPT
  • optional
  • optional
  • optional

The myDualzone 6.0m swim spa also features three upright seats, each offering a generous footwell and a unique array of jet configurations designed for maximum muscle recovery. These versatile seating options guarantee that every family member can enjoy a personalised spa experience tailored to their needs.

The myDualzone 6.0m swim spa’s unique shape and design have been meticulously crafted to provide optimal functionality and user comfort while maximising the available space. It’s sleek and modern aesthetic seamlessly integrates into any backyard setting, transforming your outdoor area into a personal oasis that caters to both relaxation and fitness.

In summary, the myDualzone 6.0m swim spa delivers an unparalleled fusion of swim spa and spa pool benefits within a single, innovative unit. Its unique shape, dual-zone functionality, and varied seating options cater to a wide range of user preferences, ensuring a satisfying and customisable spa experience for the entire family. Experience the ultimate versatility and luxury with the myDualzone 6.0m swim spa and elevate your backyard into a sanctuary of relaxation, fitness, and rejuvenation.

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