If you are looking for comfort and jet-powered massages for the whole family, the Sapphire Spas family range is the one for you. These spas are large enough to accommodate both you, your partner, and the kids without taking up all of the room on your deck or yard. The family range of spas includes a minimum of two recliner seats with jets that are sure to impress and leave you wishing you never had to leave your seat. The two included recliners come equipped with powerful jets offering you a full body massage. Couple these jets with the extra depth of the footwell, and you will feel like you are floating in zero gravity, experiencing relaxation you won’t find anywhere else.

The Sapphire Spas family range offers a bigger spa than the compact range but will still fit easily onto your deck or yard. These spas come in configurations ranging from two recliners and bench seats perfect for a family with small children to a teenage socialite’s dream of having enough recliner seats with jets for all of their friends. These family spas are designed for large groups of people. They offer a range of different seating options that will accommodate users of any height with his and her recliners, captains chairs and extra deep footwells. These spas also come equipped with powerful jets that offer a first-class massage that cannot be beaten. These spas will impress everyone lucky enough to try them, and you can experience it all from your back deck overlooking the fantastic scenery of New Zealand.


The family range of spas are bigger than the compact range and offer a variety of seating and jet layouts. Most of these spas are over 2m square, allowing for greater personal space for each occupant, but without being so large as to take over your outside space. These spas are designed with groups in mind, big enough for the whole family or to catch up with friends. Most of the family range has been created with enlarged footwells to allow space for multiple users, including undercut footwells to accommodate even the tallest people. Many models include his and hers recliners or captain’s chairs to account for the different heights of individuals and ensure everyone has a position just for them. Their powerful air and water jets ensure a blissful therapeutic experience for all users. So if you want a slice of heaven in your backyard, a spa from the Sapphire Spas family range could be just what you are looking for.

If you have teenagers (or are about to) then a family spa is the option for you. Spas offer a great way to introduce teenagers to real adult conversations and interactions beyond partying and video games. It’s a great way to include them and get to know them as young adults, plus a spa is also a great way for them to relax with friends in the comfort and safety of your home. If you have a budding socialite in the house the myHotTub or myDelight are great options being 6 and 7 person spas respectively. Both models feature continuous bench seats right around with enough space for the whole gang. Plus, both these spas feature dual captain’s chairs with powerful hydrotherapy jets and neck rests for when it’s the adults’ turn to relax. If you are looking to change up your home lifestyle or just want a better way to destress at home there’s no better solution than a spa from Sapphire Spas.