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From backyard splash pools to elite endurance training, there is a swim spa to suit everybody and every purpose. Let us guide you through all the different types and arm you with the information you need to make an educated decision on which Sapphire swim spa is right for you. Our information is our no-nonsense guide to buying something energy efficient, practical and relevant to your family’s needs.

Swim Spas

Sapphire swim spas are not only our largest spas but, because they can be heated, you can use them as a swimming pool all year round. Swim spas are basically a 24/7 gym in your own backyard with a hydrotherapy massage at the other end. You can swim, walk or run against the jets which are fully adjustable to cater for all levels of swim fitness. By adjusting your swim jets, kids will be able to swim strokes and hold themselves in the jet stream. A race to ‘beat the jets’ and be the first to the swim jet end of the spa is just as much fun!


To provide a backyard pool that can be used all year round and is easier to maintain than the usual inground swimming pool, Sapphire Spas have designed our Dualzone swim spa. At 6metres long, this swim spa boldly take their place in your backyard as the solution to the old inground pool which is time consuming to clean and doesn’t get used enough because it’s too cold.

Our Dualzone swim spa is an amazing combination of our most preferred seating at one end and a pool for exercise or play at the other. At 6metres long, the pool end actually becomes a 4x2metre small swimming pool and the 2m at the other end is dedicated to the spa seating.

Plunge Pools

Sapphire plunge pools are the ideal alternative to the typical backyard swimming pool BUT you can jump in all year round. With our economical heating systems and the smaller body of water, it's realistic to keep your plunge pool warm all winter and then cool it down for the summer months with a heat and cool pump. We like to add a couple of swim jets at the pool end of for you to have a light exercise or for the kids to play in the jet stream. The wide steps & open plan layout of myWatersedge is ideal for child’s play & toddler splashing.

Designed to be lived in and around, extend a positive influence on your children or family both mentally and physically by encouraging effortless conversation alongside gentle exercise at the same time within your swim spa. Why not keep the teenagers home and safe by hosting a party for them in the safety of your own backyard?nWith a swim spa at home, a healthy mindset and wellbeing can be encouraged even further by reducing the time being spent on technology and screens. 

In today’s world, the public is finding themselves spending more time than ever at home as we learn to understand that work-life balance better. Therefore, it stands to reason that home investment and home improvement is being given more thought across the globe. With innovative added extras to your home, such as a swim spa, not only are you increasing your home’s value, but you’re also adding value to your whole life. 

Whilst Sapphire spa pools range in size from 1.6m to 3.5m, you should look at our range of swim spas if you’re after something bigger to improve your outdoor space.

Manufactured right here in Australia with optimum components sourced worldwide from the very best available, every Sapphire Spa is backed by our unmatched Aussie Tough warranty.  With over 70 stores across Australia and New Zealand, we will be a phone call away should anything happen to your swim spa and our service crew will come to you onsite for any repairs or services or general advice if needed. We will even set your swim spa up and demonstrate how to use it effectively! 

All swim spas come with heating, but to achieve optimum usage all year round, heating and cooling pumps can be purchased separately to maintain a temperature that’s right for you in any weather.

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