Do you keep buying gym memberships but never making it to the gym? Well, bring the gym to you with our myWorkoutSERIES. 

Experience the cardio health benefits of a brisk walk at the end of a long workday, especially on shorter winter days when a walk in the dark is less enticing than a warm myWorkout swim spa. 

Encourage exercise in your later years as the impact on your joints & muscles may become a deterrent to daily exercise / when flexibility & mobility becomes more important. Train supported by the buoyancy of the water to reduce the impact on compromised joints.

With jets positioned to target key muscle groups, the myWorkout swim spa will aid post-workout recovery. Either train your muscles using the powerful jet stream of your swim spa or jump in after a gym session before a healthy dinner with your family or partner to benefit from its features to its optimum level. 

Available in lengths of 4.5m, 5m & 6m, there is flexibility in size availability to suit your backyard space.


Cool down seats & standup jets

Cool down seats with extra standup massage jets are included in the EXTREME models of the myWorkoutSERIES. These seats are positioned at the 'swim end' for you to recover after a swim or exercise session. 

Fully customisable, we give you the option of 2, 1 or none of these cool down seats. If you remove the seats we can install the massage jets to create a full stand up jet panel.

We've formed the cool down seats into the PREMIUM model spec and give you the option of adding additional jets if you wish. 

EXTREME - comes standard with 2 x cool down seats / jet panel
PREMIUM - comes standard with 2 x cool down seats / jet panel is optional
CLASSIC - you have the option to add 1 or 2 cool down seats &/or jet panel

As we age, daily exercise becomes more essential yet more challenging due to the increasing impact on our joints and muscles. The myWorkout SERIES presents a solution to this problem by offering a form of exercise that is as effective as it is gentle. Thanks to the natural buoyancy of the water, your workout becomes a low-impact exercise, reducing the strain on your joints while maintaining mobility and flexibility.

The myWorkout swim spa continues beyond providing a great workout space. With strategically positioned jets designed to target key muscle groups, it also aids post-workout recovery. Use the powerful jet stream to train your muscles, or hop in after a gym session to promote quicker recovery and optimal muscle relaxation. Followed by a healthy dinner with your loved ones, it’s the perfect end to a productive day.

The myWorkoutSERIES comes in three different sizes: 4.5m, 5.0m, and 6.0m, offering flexibility to fit your available space perfectly. Regardless of your backyard size, a myWorkout swim spa is designed to fit seamlessly into your environment.

Transform your exercise routine and lifestyle with the myWorkoutSERIES. It’s more than just a swim spa; it’s a private, personalised wellness and fitness centre right in the comfort of your home.