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Do you have a large family or can’t decide between a swim spa or spa pool? Sapphire Spas has the perfect solution, introducing the myDualzone 6.0. This is a 6m long spa that offers both a dedicated spa pool for resting, relaxing, recovering or kicking back with friends and family as well as a dedicated swim spa and plunge pool that provides room to splash, play and exercise against the same fully variable swim jets offered in our swim spa range.

The ultimate option for the best of both worlds, the myDualzone provides both a dedicated swim spa and spa pool. The spa pool can be powered by up to 2 dedicated pumps for the jets, plus a separate filtration pump; this is the same configuration as offered in our premium dedicated spa pool lines. In addition,  the swim spa also has a separate, dedicated filtration pump and its own 3 hydrojet boost pumps to power the swim jets, providing the same capacity for exercise and fitness as offered in the myWorkout series of swim spas. With a spa pool at 2m x 2.2m and a swim spa at 4m x 2.2m, this spa offers plenty of room to work out or relax for the whole family.



If you can’t decide between a swim spa or spa pool the myDualzone is the perfect choice. This 2-in-1 swim spa and spa pool offers all the benefits of owning both. The 2.2m x 2m spa pool offers superb relaxation for up to five people. It includes seats completed with neck and should massagers, including two recliner positions of different lengths to suit users of any height. The swim spa is 4m long and being a dedicated swim spa, is long enough for any user to get a full workout. The Dualzone comes with up to five pumps, including three dedicated swim jet pumps giving the swim spa enough power for professional swim training, or you can dial the power right back to still to suit users of any capability. With a myriad of customisations and add-ons including in-bult HiFi, remote-control and water spouts, the Dualzone is ideal for those who want the best of both worlds.

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