Spa Pools by Sapphire Spa


Sapphire Spas specialises in small outdoor spa pools that combine relaxation and hydrotherapy in the one sleek design. Our products are made in Australia at our local Victorian manufacturing plant. For the past 12 years, we have supplied customers in Melbourne with some first class pools and spas. We take care of all quality controls, ensuring the final products are strong, durable and safe. The design is also optimised for comfort, functionality and aesthetics – the perfect addition for any home garden, hotel entertainment area or private resort room. See why Sapphire Spas are one of Victoria’s leading industry specialists today!


We are always seeking new ways to make our products even better from trying new seating placements to redesigning our water jets. Our water purification systems keep everything safe and hygienic while our chosen running gear ensures the water remains heated while reducing overall operating costs. In this way, you can install any of our quality spa pools and trust that it will deliver cleanliness, safety and affordability while ensuring you, your family and your guests can have a relaxing time in the outdoors. Here at Sapphire, we have taken every precaution to give you a superior spa time experience.


If you’re interested in installing one of these amazing outdoor features, we have a wide range of designs to choose from. As well as different seating and water jet arrangements, we also boast spas with extras such as whisper quiet pump systems, underwater lighting, waterproof iPod docking stations and more. As well as choosing the interior pool lining, including colour and texture, you can also pick from several stylish exterior cabinets. We also stock certain environmentally friendly design options for those seeking a superior outdoor spa that takes care of the planet and relaxes your body at the same time.


For more information, please browse our website or download our online brochures. These cover aspects such as installation, operation and usage. We also have a handy YouTube channel of instructional videos on how our products work and how they can benefit your lives. Finally, we have a comprehensive FAQ section that goes over all common enquires about our products so you can make a better decision when buying one. When it comes to obtaining your very own spa pool, Sapphire makes sure we’re the only choice thanks to our high levels of customer service and our superior outdoor product design.


You can trust in us to give you the ultimate spa experience through our dedication to supply a product that really works. We are so proud of our pools that we offer warranties for the spa shell, acrylic surfaces, jets, plumbing and more. We also provide our own maintenance and spare parts services if something breaks down or needs to be replaced. If you would like to order one of these superior products or have a question you wish to ask, our staff can be contacted by phone or email. Get in touch and discover the ultimate spa experience today!