'Harries from Bondi Rescue'
follow his journey with Sapphire Spas

Harries is proudly looking out for everyone's health & safety with the Bondi Rescue & Sapphire Spas teams

Harries has joined Sapphire Spas as our Brand Ambassador. We're proud to have him representing our brand. As a much-loved member of his Bondi Beach Rescue community, he's always looking for the best way to help improve the health, fitness and safety of all Australian's and our overseas visitors.

After flying down to Melbourne to meet the team, we took Harries on a factory tour to get 'hands on' throughout the build process of our spas and swim spas. Harries saw 'first hand' what we mean by 'Australian Made & Owned'. 

After a mornings work with our factory team, we threw Harries into the 'deep end' for his first session in one of our swim spas; myWorkout5.0m.



On Harries' second visit with us in Melbourne, the guys at Rare Breed took him through a recovery session created around our 'ice bath' cold plunge pool & 'warm massage therapy' spa

We brought our brand ambassador Harries to try out the Rare Breed Recovery Centre today to see how 'hot & cold' therapy can benefit someone who leads a very active lifestyle.



Harries gets a first look at his new myPartner spa pool

Packed full of 52 hydrotherapy jets, neck&shoulder massage system and foot massage jets, Harries will love jumping into myPartnerPREMIUM after a day at work on Bondi Beach.