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Discover What True Relaxation Means With A Spa Pool From Sapphire Spas


If you’re looking for the most magnificent spa pool Otago has to offer, then you’re in the right place. Here at Sapphire Spas, we make spas with a difference. You’re going to love them. The people of Otago know what it means to live surrounded by natural beauty. Every day, residents of Wanaka, Queenstown, and Dunedin wake up to beautiful lakes, snow-capped mountains, and rolling tundra.



But when temperatures plummet, you don’t always want to relax outside, soaking up all the beauty. With a warm hot tub from Sapphire Spas, though, you can have your cake and eat it. Relaxing in warm water while absorbing the beautiful environment is what life is all about!


Our Range of Spa Pools in Otago


When it comes to above ground pools in Otago, everyone has something that they love about them. For some, it’s the ability to chill out with family and friends. For others, it is the sensation of the massage jets against the skin. At Sapphire Spas, therefore, we’ve created a range of hot tubs and spas for every circumstance, whether you have a massive mansion overlooking the mountains or a small townhouse.

  • Family Spas: For parents and their children, we offer the Family range of spas. These are geared towards providing the best experience for regular homeowners, giving plenty of space for both adults and their teenage children.
  • Compact Spas: After that, we have our Compact range of spas. While these 2 person spa pools and 2 person hot tubs are small, they don’t compromise on features, offering just as many jets and massage options per person as the larger models. Their tiny footprint means that they can fit into tight areas where space is limited.
  • Luxurious Spas: Our Luxurious spas are our most premium product for people who want the best spa pool Otago has to offer. These luxury units offer more jets, more space, and more powerful heat pumps. When it comes to enjoying the spa pool experience, they are the final word.
  • Entertainer Spas: Finally, our Entertainer above ground spa pools are the largest hot tub spa pools in our collection. Even though they are big, they provide all of the benefits available with our more compact pool spas. Every person gets their own personal jets, neck and shoulder massagers. What's more, there's loads of room too. These tubs fit up to 10 people - enough for parties and sports teams.



Here's some of our best selling swim spas for family, fitness & fun.

We've picked for you the most popular models from each of the spa pool range

Looking For A Spa For Sale In Otago? Here Are Some Of Our Top Sellers:

myHotTub (Family)


Most of our designs feature seating that faces in just one or two directions, but that’s not the case for myHotTub, the most unique outdoor spa for sale in Otago. 

The model features a round design where everyone in the family sits facing each other. There’s space for up to six people, with larger seats for adults and a smaller stool for kids. The hot tub comes with 48 jets as standard, a foot massager and beautiful cedar cabinets.



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myEscape (Compact)


myEscape is a member of our Compact range of spas, but don’t let that fool you. Even though this spa has a modest footprint, it still offers plenty of space for up to five people. On top of that, it comes with more than 46 SQR jets, foot massage as standard, and a range of optional extras, including clearzone water sanitation, Purewater ozone sanitation and heat pump plumbing. The whole unit is built with flexibility in mind, measuring less than 1950 mm in any dimension.


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myRecovery (Luxurious)


One of the main reasons people look for hot tubs for sale is that they want something that will help them recuperate after a busy day. myRecovery was built with that concept in mind. This outdoor spa bath for sale - part of our Luxurious range - features all of the technology that you need to soothe aching muscles and help you feel human again. It comes with neck and shoulder massage (optional on the classic version), foot massage, and water spouts for extreme comfort. The premium model also offers 64 water spa jets, powered by two hydrojet boost pumps.


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myParadise (Entertainer)


myParadise is a member of our Entertainer series of pools. It’s perfect if you want to host a hot tub party or get a group of friends round to relax in the bubbles. 

The tub has been specially made from sturdy materials to accommodate a large number of people. And it features among the largest number of SQR jets of any model in our range. There are more than 74 on the premium version.




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We also have Swim Spas in Otago: What's the difference?

Swim spas look similar to regular spa pools, but with one crucial difference: the fact that you can swim in them. They mostly get rid of the need to build a regular pool, saving you a considerable amount of money in the process. The way they work is simple. As you swim, jets in the wall of the tub blast out water, holding you in place. What's more, they're longer than most hot tubs, measuring four to six meters. With these, you’re free to swim as long as you like. You never have to worry about turning around at the end of a length. Our plunge pools are the most affordable versions of our swim spas. They eliminate all of the extras of inground spas, providing you with an outdoor hot tub you can use to swim year-round.

Fence Regulations in Otago: What you should know

When it comes to pool fence regulations, Otago is no different from other parts of New Zealand. As with other places, there are rules and regulations on the types of barriers you should use to protect your pool. If you’re confused, don’t worry. Our experts are on-hand in our Otago showroom to provide you with all the information you need to set up your new outdoor or indoor pool spa in full compliance with the law.

Visit Our Otago Showrooms And Get Your Perfect Spa Pool Today

So, are you keen on learning more about how to get the best spa pool Otago has to offer? Do you want to buy a spa? If so, then be sure to visit one of our showrooms in the region, read our swim spa reviews, or give us a call. Remember, we construct our products using spa parts sourced from Australian companies. You can’t find better quality anywhere else in the country.




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