Create your own outdoor spaces for everyday use

07 March, 2023

Find your flow


Think about how you move around your home as you design your outdoor spaces. We build spas for everyday use so find that our customers integrate them into their everyday lifestyle when they’re just outside the back door and the area is always ready to use. When you can leave your outdoor bean bags, some towels, tables & a couple of chairs in an undercover or enclosed space close to your pool area, it’s much more tempting to gather and spend time around the water together. 

If you are buying a new spa pool or swim spa, you will be able to position it wherever you like. If the layout of your home allows, you may have the space to install your spa close to your indoor living areas to extend the flow of the way you live and move throughout your home each day.


Did you know that you can also buy portable pool houses pre-constructed. Simply purchase the pool house you want and have it put in place by crane. Pre-constructed pool houses save you time and money and remove the need for construction in your backyard.

Pre-built pool houses come in various design options, depending on what you are looking for. Many companies produce prefabricated POD rooms and can deliver a POD room and crane into place as your new pre-built pool house. They are available in dimensions which give you quite a large living area and a small portable deck can also be added or a larger one built onsite.

Design your own outdoor space.

If you're building your outdoor pergola or alfresco space from the ground up, you can choose the size and position to create a protected area beside your spa. It's also a good idea to extend the weather protection over your spa pool to preserve the acrylic, cabinet and cover for years to come. 

Be mindful of planning and permits requirements if you're planning to construct an outdoor structure onsite. If you'd prefer to create a shaded space in possibly a cheaper and faster way, a shade sail may be a great alternative for you. Remember that although they offer good UV protection from the summer sun, they don't protect from rain or wind like a built in pergola, alfresco or even an outdoor room.

Summer shade & Winter warmth


Just like a beach box in the middle of summer, a covered area around your spa pool will give you a shaded area for some relief from the summer sun. You can sit nearby as you watch the kids enjoy the water but protect yourself and younger ones from the hotter parts of the summer days.

I know we’re in the middle of winter right now but think back and remember the heat of summer and all you wanted to do was find a bit of shade when you hopped out of the water.

Especially with a few kids a shaded area close by your spa area means you’ll be able to leave all the stuff that you need for an afternoon in the sun. Instead of gathering up the sunscreen, towels, umbrella, some drinks, snacks and the pool toys, just keep them in your undercover space and just pop outside whenever you feel like a swim. How many times have you considered going to the beach or even out your backyard pool but can’t be bothered the organisation it takes so you’ve just stayed inside in the air conditioning instead?

Maybe you’re not using your spa as much as you would like to throughout winter because it’s too cold getting in and out and changing beside the spa. If you could leave everything out of the rain and within easy reach, a spa in winter is a refreshing experience.