How much does it cost to run a spa pool or swim spa? Running costs explained

03 May, 2023

This blog will provide you with the true facts and figures when it comes to spa running costs. In today’s climate, with electricity prices on the rise, having an energy efficient spa has never been so important. 

Whether you are looking for a new spa, or already own a Sapphire Spa, these tips and tricks will get you on your way to spending less time worrying and more time relaxing.  

So, what are the running costs on a spa? Well, there is actually no precise answer to this, as the most expensive part of running a spa is the heating, and heat loss will vary with the seasons. 

Based on an average 1000 litre spa pool, what we can tell you, is that it averages out over the year at around $1.50 per day. A little less in Summer and a little more in Winter.

NOTE : prices quoted in this information are to be used as a guide only; running costs will vary depending on your electricity rates

Now that’s not to say that all spas are made the same. There are a few factors that will affect your running costs. It depends on the spa make, its heater and pump equipment and the build quality. 

It’s always best to ask where your spa was made, what size heater it is fitted with and the type of insulation. 

Here at Sapphire Spas, we manufacture our spas with a high-density foam insulation on the underside of the spa shell, an industrial grade air foil insulation lining the inside of the cabinet & base and a heat seal hardcover on top. This ensures your spa is fully insulated for even the coldest climates and any heat loss will be minimal. 

It’s not about the total amount of ‘layers’ but more so the quality of the materials used. 

Now, when we are talking about swim spas, this is a little different.

Due to the larger volume of water, the built-in element heaters aren’t a great choice, as the running costs to keep it warm can average $12 - $16 a day, which is just not sustainable for anyone. 

We will always recommend an external heat and cool pump for a swim spa or plunge pool and it’s good to note that these are already included in most of our swim packages.

External heat & cool pumps bring the running costs of a swim spa down to approximately $1.60 per day so a heat pump will pay for itself in no time. 

You also have the option of adding one of these heat pumps to your standard spa pool too. Instead of the average $1.50 a day, with a heat pump, running costs are as little as 40c a day. 

The initial investment into a heat pump for your spa has so many advantages, but if a heat pump isn’t in your budget initially, we can build your spa with ‘Heat Pump Ready Plumbing’ for easy installation down the track.

That’s the beauty of buying Australian Made, the option to customise your spa to suit all your requirements.

Why not give us a call at our Head Office in Pakenham Victoria or visit your local Sapphire Spas showroom to choose a spa or swim spa to suit YOUR lifestyle, budget and backyard?


Our recommendations can keep your running costs to a minimum on any of these models

Compact : small & powerful


We've packed as many jets as we can into some of our most compact spas. At 2m or less, these spas can still deliver a powerful massage and can also to fit onto decks, balconies and smaller backyard spaces