DARE TO COMPARE - dollar for dollar, Sapphire gives you more

Even our budget spa pools are equipped with POWERsmart, energy saving componentry, much like our top of the range products.

We’ve met the market with plunge pools and swim spas priced to suit your budget without compromising on quality or reliability. These swim spas are powered by the same running gear as our high performance models; we just scale it down.

Sapphire Spas offer best value for money, all year round rather than a once a year Spa Show clear out.

We are offering ‘Melbourne Spa Show’
deals Australia wide!


Beware of Spa Show claims!

Please don’t trust anyone who says ‘trust me’; trust must be earnt.

Sapphire Spas are happy to dedicate the time required to earn your trust. We will answer any questions you may have and fully explain the pros and cons of spa pools available in the marketplace today.

Are you aware many spas are imported?

Sapphire Spas manufacture in Australia to the best standards in the World, imported spas are sold out of warehouses and containers - who would you trust???

If it’s not made here, your dollar goes there!

You will be shocked at what you are, or rather aren’t, getting for your money!

You will be shocked at the cost price of an imported spa. Huge markups = huge margins.

‘The best decision is always the most educated one.’

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Protect your investment by asking

  • where is this spa made?
  • is it 100% Australian made?
  • can I see the spas being made - you are welcome to visit Sapphire Spas manufacturing plant
  • is the spa imported?
  • why do resellers make fake Aussie made claims?
  • shouldn’t they be proud of their imported product?
  • who honours the warranty?
  • if it’s the retailer, what if they shut shop?
  • who do you call for service or technical support?
  • why is the spa cheap?
  • have they used cheaper components?
  • can you look inside the cabinet?
  • is the stereo just a glorified car radio? It should be a reliable waterproof stereo system.
  • is the lighting off a Christmas tree? 1 bulb out, no spa lighting!
  • how much does it cost to run? You don’t want an unmanageable power bill in years to come.
  • do they offer all heating options? gas, heat&cool pump, electric or solar.
  • have you had any previous issue with an imported product, ie. ‘made in china’?
  • it looks the same, but does it perform and last the same?


Sapphire Spas are built tough
in Australia
by Australians

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