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An hour from New Zealand’s capital city, Wairarapa is best known for its stunning natural views and a booming artistic and cultural scene. Wairarapa is derived from the Māori words waioroa and raro, which mean “glistening waters.", so it should not come as a surprise that for many local residents of Wairarapa one of the favourite ways to relax and unwind is to indulge in a great spa pool.


If you too wish to turn your evenings and weekends at home into a special retreat by installing the best in class spa pools in Wairarapa, then we’re here to help you out! At Sapphire Spas, we are an Australian owned spa manufacturing company, offering the finest quality above ground pools and excellent local support in our dealership stores across New Zealand and Australia.

As one of the leading spa companies in Wairarapa, we bring you a versatile selection of modern indoor and outdoor spas that will not only offer you an amazing user experience, but also add great value to your home. We have a wide range of spa pools in Wairarapa that are exclusively designed and manufactured with state of the art technology to meet the specific needs of your whole family.


Our Range of Spa Pools in Wairarapa


We closely pay attention to the different spa needs of our clients in Wairarapa, be it in terms of capacity or room space. This is what has inspired us to come up with an extensive range of different indoor and outdoor pools for every purpose. Check out our four different categories of spa pools in Wairarapa:

  • Compact Spas: Our exclusive range of compact spas feature 1-2 person hot tubs that are specifically designed to fit in close spaces for your indoor spa or outdoor spa needs. But, the relatively small size of our compact spa pools in Wairarapa doesn’t come in the way to offer you with a full on fun and exciting spa pool
  • Family Spas: As the name indicates, our special range of family spa pools in Wairarapa is best suited for families with kids and young adults. This category comprises of 4 person pool spas that stand apart due to their large and comfortable room space.
  • Luxurious Spas: Our wonderful range of luxurious spa pools Wairarapa feature robust jet and pump power, offering a great opportunity for you and your family to indulge in a relaxing and refreshing back massage from the comfort of your home.
  • Entertainer Spas: Our entertainer spa pools category includes the biggest, most spacious and powerful outdoor spas. What’s amazing about this range is the fact these spa pools from this category can comfortably fit in 8-10 people at a time, making them just the right choice for your pool parties at home.



Check Out Our Best Selling Spa Pools in Wairarapa!

We've picked for you the most popular models from each of the spa pool range

Have a look at some of our best sellers from our spa pool ranges below:

myGetaway (Compact)


This awesome 2 person spa from our range of compact spa pools Wairarapa offers just the right choice for your indoor spa needs. From its power smart control, cedar cabinet to LED waterline lighting; everything in this 2 person spa adds to your home spa experience in the most amazing way.


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myChillout (Family)


Make your family time all the more memorable by enjoying a relaxing neck and shoulder massage in this modern swimming pool spa from our family spa pools Wairarapa range. This outdoor spa Wairarapa comes with enough jets, dual recliners and ample space to offer the most refreshing spa therapy to your family and loved ones.


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myCelebration (Luxurious)


Turn your backyard or patio into a luxury resort by installing this stellar pool and spa from our luxurious range of spa pools in Wairarapa. This above ground spa can comfortably fit in 5 people at the same time, making it an ideal pool spa to celebrate your special days in the most fun and entertaining way.


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myParty (Entertainer)


If you love throwing parties for your social circle, then this outdoor spa for sale from our range of entertainer spa pools in Wairarapa will assure you with guaranteed fun time. It fits in as much as 10 people at one time, making it an ideal party spa for every special occasion.



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We Also Offer An Exclusive Range of Swim Spas in Wairarapa! What's the difference?

At Sapphire Spas, we also specialize in manufacturing the most luxurious and premium quality swim spas in Wairarapa. What makes our range of swim spas different from our spa pool categories is the size of the spas. Swim spas in Wairarapa are prominently bigger in size, making them an ideal spa solution for your family to swim as well as play in. Swim spas are also great for exercise and staying fit as the jets are very powerful and allow you to swim in one place, without actually doing laps like in a traditional swimming pool. Our three major categories of swim spas in Wairarapa include; 4-6 metre swim spa range, dualzone range as well as plunge pools.

Everything You Need to Know About Fence Regulations in Wairarapa New Zealand

The process of installing spa pools in Wairarapa can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to handling things such as fence regulations and local permits. This is where our expertise and years of experience comes to your rescue to ensure a smooth installation of spa and pools in your Wairarapa property. With us, you’ll have nothing to worry about local permits and regulations interrupting your spa pool installation process, as our team of experts will be always there to guide you at every step. The general rule for spas is that if it is over 76 cm it does not need a fence, however it still does require a lock-able spa cover. Also to keep it in the official spa category, it should also be under 5 square meters of surface area, anything more is classified as a swimming pool and therefore does require a fence.

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