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Beat The Stress And Enjoy A Fun Time With Family In A Two In One
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There is no denying the fact that spending time in a pool has a number of benefits for your health. But, did you know that combining both pool and spa can help double the health benefits for your body and mind?



At Sapphire Spas, we bring one of the best and widest ranges of pool and spa in New Zealand that are exclusively designed to enhance your overall spa experience. A swim spa is a pool and spa combination. A pool and spa has 2 separate areas in the same pool spa such as the spas you’ll find in our Dual Zone spa range. At Sapphire Spas, we manufacture state of the art pool and spa solutions that not just convert your backyard into your private swimming pool, but even provide you with therapeutic massage.

If you consistently experience pain, stiffness or soreness in your neck, back or shoulders, then our range of pool and spa in New Zealand offers a two in one solution for you and your family. Where on one hand, kids can play in your backyard inground swimming pool, you can heat another section of the pool and spa to enjoy a therapeutic massage at the same time.


Sapphire Spas Rang of Swim Spas in New Zealand

We have three ranges of pool and spa in our swim spa category, which include the following:

  • Swim Spas: This is our main category of pool and spa in New Zealand. This range of swim spas include 4-6 metres family sized pool spas that can be used all year round to enjoy a fun time with family all year round.
  • Dualzone: Our Dualzone range offers an amazing combination of pool and spa in the same spa bath. These come with two separate sections that can be used to set two temperatures in the same pool spa at the same time.
  • Plunge Pools: The spacious and comfortable pool and spa in this range offer both heating and cooling features for you and your family to enjoy a full on swim spa experience in but summer and winter months.




Sapphire Spas Range of Spa Pools in New Zealand

We have four ranges of spa pools in our swim spa category, which include the following:

  • Compact Spas: Our range of compact spas cover 2 person hot tubs, making them an ideal selection for small families and couples. Despite their compact size, each spa pool in this range excels in terms of providing a full on spa experience and massage in your balcony, patio or small backyard.
  • Family Spas: Our range of family spas comprise of family sized indoor and outdoor pool spas. The pool spas from this range are a great choice for families with teenagers and kids.
  • Luxurious Spas: If you are looking for a deluxe spa experience with larger room space, an amazing back massage and more pump power; then the spa pools from our range of luxurious spas will fit all your requirements.
  • Entertainer Spas: The spa pools from this range are one of the largest we have to offer at Sapphire Spas. In this range you can find party sized spa pools that can fit in ten persons at a time.



Our Best Selling Swim Spas and Spa Pools in New Zealand!

M6Dualzone (Swim Spa / Dualzone)


This is one of the most popular swim spas from our range of pool and spa New Zealand. You cannot just heat up this swim spa for a therapeutic massage, but also use it simultaneously as your personal backyard swimming pool. The highlight of this pool and spa is its two separate zones that can be used at the same time at two different temperatures.


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myPersonaltrainer (Swim Spa)


This is one of our top most selling spas from our range of swim spas in New Zealand. It comes with four fully adjustable swim jets that offer a wonderful way to swim, workout and stay fit, along with reducing stress after a long day at work.


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M5WatersedgePLUNGE (Swim Spa / Plunge Pool)


This plunge pool works great for families in New Zealand that are looking forward to turn their backyard into a private swimming pool. This pool and spa New Zealand is also great for kids to play and indulge in water fun all year round.


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myOasis (Spa Pool / Compact)


MyOasis belongs to our compact range of hydrotherapy spa pools that are specially designed for small families to fit in balconies, patios, small backyards or any other closed spaces in your home.


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myDream (Spa Pool / Family)


If you are looking for family sized spa pools in New Zealand that are also great in terms of offering neck and shoulder massage, then the myDream spa pool from our range of family spa pools will meet all your requirements.


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myRecovery (Spa Pool / Luxurious)


The myRecovery seven person spa from our range of luxurious spas is a therapeutic spa that stands apart due to its effective and quick healing properties. So, if your main purpose to buy a spa is to get relief from back pain, neck pain or stiffness in the shoulders, then the myRecovery spa is an apt choice for you.


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myFriends (Spa Pool / Entertainer)


This spa pool belongs to our range of entertainer spas that mainly consist of party sized spa pools in New Zealand. This spa pool has an octagonal shape that makes it one of the most spacious, comfortable and relaxing spa pools while chilling with family and friends.


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