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Sapphire spas are here for you once you've got your spa home.

mySpa@Home: what to do once your spa has been delivered

Sapphire Spas will guide you, every step of the way as you watch the videos below. Remember, your mySpaSpecialist is on call if you require further help 1300 069 772.

You may have already watched this video in the ‘delivery’ section of ‘support’. The first section is helpful to watch prior to the delivery of your new spa pool. The remainder of the video runs through filling your spa and necessary start up information.


This video takes you through the start up procedure of your spa pool & the basic usage of your POWERsmart control touch pad that’s installed on the topside edge of your new spa.



Spanet Controller Usage - Basic

You may also find it useful to download the appropriate ‘quick reference guide’ for your spa (if you are not sure which POWERsmart control system your spa has installed, simply open the side door of your cabinet and note the SV number on the label on the black control box.

If you have purchased an add-on heat&cool pump with your spa, this video takes you through the procedure of fitting it to your spa pool. You may connect this yourself or your local store can carry out this work at handover.

Fitting The Heat Pump

This video takes you through the more advanced settings of your POWERsmart control touch pad that’s installed on the topside edge of your new spa.

Spanet Controller Usage - Advanced

During initial start up, your spa may experience an airlock (you can hear pump attempting to power jets, but no action inside the spa) so will need priming. This quick video will assist you through the simple procedure of releasing the air lock.

Spanet Controller Basic - Priming

A detailed run through showing how to operate the water pumps within your spa (these pumps are responsible for running filtration and water jets within your spa)

Spanet Controller Basic - Operation of varidrive80 & pumps

A detailed run through showing how to operate the blower pump within your spa (this pump operates the air jets that are typically positiioned just under your knees on the top/front of each spa seat.

Spanet Controller Basic - Blower Operation

This link will take you to Sapphire Spas You Tube channel mySpa@Home playlist, where we’ve also uploaded individual videos on each feature you may wish to use on your POWERsmart control.

Spanet Controller Basic - Lighting

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