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Delivery: ensuring the smoothest path from ‘purchase’ to ‘play

Prior to purchase or once you own your Sapphire Spa; we are here to help! We will provide all the necessary information & support and answer all your questions to ensure your spa pool experience, a positive one.

Feel free to organise a free site inspection if you’re not sure on the best route.

Please take the time to read these instructions thoroughly as they will provide you with information to ensure the safe and timely delivery and installation of your new spa pool or swim spa.

The information to follow should be used as a guideline on how to prepare for delivery and set up of your spa. We have specifically detailed requirements for site selection, delivery access, ground preparation and electrical requirements.

Please carefully review the Owner’s Manual that you will receive with your new spa and register your spa’s warranty within 10 days of delivery to guarantee ongoing assistance and support. This manual should be found in your spa when delivered.

Sapphire Spas reserves the right to change features, specifications and design without notification and without incurring any obligation.


What to expect on spa delivery day

While you are excitedly anticipating the delivery of your new spa pool, have a look at this video.

Once you have selected a site for your new spa, ideally leaving 500mm clearance around spa, you’ll need to prepare a solid, level and supportive base which will remain stable for the life of your spa.


A typical spa in use poses a considerable weight for any foundation to support. Even our smaller spas can weigh up to 2000kg when filled with water and occupants, some of our larger models can reach 3000kg and our swim spa up to 7000kg.

Refer to your brochure for dimensions and approximate filled weights of Sapphire Spas models.

Remember, weight of occupants must also be considered in addition to these figures.

Do not put your spa on any soft surface such as grass, sand, pebble or dirt as this may place undue stress on your spa, causing it to distort and/or crack.

Whether choosing a concrete slab or timber decking to support your spa pool, Sapphire Spas strongly recommend the use of a licensed contractor.

concrete slab

A reinforced concrete slab of at least 100mm (4”) thick is a suitable foundation for your spa; this must be increased to a minimum of 125mm (5”) thick when installing swim spas. You must ensure this base is an even, level surface free from cracks, doming or hollows. It’s preferable for the slab to extend at least 200mm outside the spa dimensions for stability.

timber decking

Sapphire Spas recommend that you consult a structural engineer to ensure that your decking is capable of safely and adequately supporting the full weight of your spa when in use. Should you wish to surround your spa with decking, we suggest that you install it on a concrete slab (as above) then build the deck to surround your spa.

Prior to the arrival of your new SpaPool or SwimSpa, please ensure clear access is available from the delivery vehicle (crane, truck, ute etc) to the selected location for your spa.

Consult your dealer for details of space required to manoeuvre and park. The driver will make every effort to get as close to the site as possible to unload your spa. You will need to be on hand for the delivery and ensure you provide enough manpower to manoeuvre the spa onto site. Consult your dealer in relation to assistance such as trolleys.

Check the dimensions of your spa as per your brochure. Your spa may be tilted onto its side to fit through a smaller pathway, but you need to then allow for the increased height of the spa and any trolley being used.

Always use a reputable crane or delivery company who can provide proof of insurance on request.


more difficult sites

Please consult your Sapphire Spas dealer to discuss further measures should you not meet the recommended requirements. A crane is sometimes necessary but is not included in a standard delivery price.

Please consider these possible restrictions which may apply to your selected delivery route:

- the width of all doorways, gates and pathways

- the height of low trees, roof eaves, guttering or telephone lines

- tight bends to be negotiated, ex. 90 degree turn (take measurements)

- obstruction from protruding fixed objects, ex. meter boxes, a/c units, hot water services etc

- you may have to cut or tie back shrubs or trees, move dog kennels, bbq’s, planter boxes or wood piles

- severe slopes along the route which may cause trouble

A. check height of low trees, roof eaves, guttering, phone lines

B. move dog kennels, bbq's, planter boxes, kids play equipment

C. check corner clearances

D. check width of doorways, gates & pathways

E. advise of steep slopes & number of steps

F. check meter boxes, a/c units, hot water services, water/ gas meters


heat&cool pump pipe location

When ordering your spa with a heat&cool pump, you will need to select the best position for the pipework to exit the spa cabinet.

Keep the heat&cool pump as close as possible to the spa, but further than minimum 300mm (refer diagram).

NOTE: If distance to heat pump is > 4.5 meters, extension cables will need to be purchased and installed.




heat&cool pump location considerations

The SV series of heat&cool pumps must be located outside in a clear area where noise and air flow will not be disruptive. The heat&cool pump must be located externally to the spa pool cabinet to allow sufficient air flow for optimum efficiency.

The heat&cool pump MUST be installed according to the air space requirements shown below and the instruction manual supplied with your spa (refer inset image).


Select a suitable location in accordance with below notes and consult the local swimming pool safety regulations to check the requirements for proximity to other equipment.

1. the heat&cool pump must be situated away from vegetation and obstacles as per diagram.

2. the heat&cool pump must be installed outside, external to the spa cabinet.

3. the heat&cool pump should be mounted on anti vibration mounts on a dead flat/ level base. The base should be a large concrete slab. The base must have sufficient height to prevent entry of water into the bottom of the heat pump. The base must be large and heavy enough to properly secure the heat pump.

4. height must be adjusted to fit the condensation drain pipe work under the heat&cool pump.

5. do not install the heat&cool pump in a confined space to prevent recycling of air.

6. the fan should not blow towards windows, walls or spaces likely to be inhabited by people or animals.

7. do not install where it is likely to be subjected to polluted air, dust or debris etc.

8. the heat&cool pump must operate with a clean air supply.

9. avoid direct fan output against the dominant wind directions.

10. protect the heat&cool pump from possible snow fall.

11. locate heat&cool pump in a place inaccessible by children.


The heat&cool pump will be supplied with a data and power cable already fitted.

They simply need to be connected to the Spanet SV spa control by referring to the SV Series Heat Pump Manual supplied with your spa (or this can be found on Sapphire Spas website in the user manuals section).

Once connected, the SV controller will automatically detect the heat pump and enable its operation. Operation and use of the heat&cool pump is covered in a dedicated section of the manual provided.

A separate power source for the heat pump is not required.


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