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Do you dream of having your own spa pool at your Hawkes Bay property? We’re here to help turn your dreams into a reality! At Sapphire Spas, we are an Australian owned spa company that is committed to design and manufacture highest quality spa pool ranges all across New Zealand and Australia. We are here to make a difference into your lives by providing you with an extensive range of premium quality spa pools in and around Hawkes Bay.



We have a Sapphire Spas store located in Hawkes Bay that is just a small drive from other local areas such as Hastings and Napier. As one of the most trusted spa companies in the entire area, we have dedicated ourselves to offer our clients with state of the art and innovative spa solutions at cost efficient prices.


Our Range of Spa Pools in Hawkes Bay New Zealand


Your satisfaction is our priority. Hence, we leave no stone unturned to help you provide with an extensive range of spa pools in Hawkes Bay. We have different categories of spa pools in Hawkes Bay, and each one is designed to meet the individual space needs and design preferences of our clients:

  • Compact Spas: Got a small backyard? Our compact range of spa pools in Hawkes Bay might offer just the right choice for your in house pool and spa needs. Our compact spas range comprises of budget friendly 2 person hot tubs that offer a comfortable and powerful hydrotherapy from head to toe.
  • Family Spas: Our range of family spa pools in Hawkes Bay are designed and manufactured, keeping in mind the comfort of families with kids and teenagers. The indoor spas and outdoor spas from our range of family spa pools usually have 2 pumps and 60 jets that ensure an absolutely rejuvenating hydrotherapy experience for users.
  • Luxurious Spas: We also have a luxurious range of spa pools in Hawkes Bay that are distinct from our compact and family ranges in terms of size, space and control features. The outdoor spa pools from this category feature 3 pumps and 70 jets that promise a full on hydrotherapy experience and massage for you and your family members.
  • Entertainer Spas: Our range of entertainer spa pools comprise of party sized outdoor spas that have the capacity to fit in 8-10 people at a time. These are larger and more spacious spas that make for just the right choice for your pool party needs in Hawkes Bay.



Our Best Selling Spa Pools in Hawkes Bay

Check out some of our most popular spa pool models in Hawkes Bay, and find out what makes them an ideal choice for your individual spa needs:

We've picked for you the most popular models from each of the spa pool range

Have a look at some of our best sellers from our spa pool ranges below:

myOasis (Compact Spa)


myOasis is one of the best selling indoor spas from or compact range of spa pools in Hawkes Bay. This above ground spa offers a budget friendly option for homeowners, without compromising on the quality, comfort, design and performance factors.


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myFamily (Family)


The myFamily 5 person spa from our range of family spa pools Hawkes Bay stands apart due to its stunning craftsmanship and spacious design. This swimming pool spa offers a therapeutic neck, shoulder and foot massage, making it an absolute delight for you and your loved ones.


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myRetreat (Luxurious)


If you are looking forward to indulge yourself in a large sized spa with strong massage, then this 7 person spa from our luxurious range of spa pools Hawkes Bay will fit in all your needs. With deeper foot well space and multiple hydrotherapy jests, this outdoor spa will truly transform your own backyard into a luxury retreat.


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myParadise (Entertainer)


What makes the myParadise outdoor spa one of the most popular above ground spa from our entertainer range of spa pools Hawkes Bay is its large capacity and sturdy design. This swimming pool spa not just fits in 8 people at a time, but even offers a stellar performance owing to its multiple pumps and jets.



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Need Help Finding the Best Swim Spas in Hawkes Bay? Sapphire Spas Has You Covered!

If you are looking for a swimming pool spa in Hawkes Bay that can be used all year around as a swimming pool as well, then our range of swim spas will meet all your needs. In comparison to our spa pool range, our swim spa range is larger in size; offering enough space for you and your kids to play around and swim strokes apart from the benefits of a great hydrotherapy massage. We have a primary swim spas range, a dual zone swim spa range and thirdly a plunge pools range from this category.

Fence Regulations in Hawkes Bay New Zealand

We know how important it is to ensure a smooth and seamless installation process for our own personal spa pool. But, if you are a Hawkes Bay resident, you’ll have to keep certain regulations in mind before going ahead with your spa pool installation. At Sapphire Spas, we’ll work with you at every step to make sure that you acquire every permit and follow all state regulations to complete your spa installation process in Hawkes Bay in the most stress free way.

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