Achieve optimum health

Achieve Optimum Health in a Sapphire Spa

Most of us build up tension through our postural muscles and the muscles of our back, neck and shoulders. These muscles will often feel worse with rest; they actually respond much better to massage and movement to alleviate stiffness and support the healing process. Our swim spas provide a supportive environment for gentle remedial stretches and exercise, protecting muscles with the warm water of your spa.

Spa jets can also be powered up, creating resistance to target muscles and joints that need work to regain strength. The fully adjustable resistance from the bank of swim jets creates instability, to engage core muscles. Core strength will help correct your posture, realign your frame and provide a healthy body to support you throughout your daily life.

Most land-based therapy is in the frontal plane, whereas in the swim spa you can move side ways and laterally, facilitating multi-directional movement. Working against the resistance of the swim jets, in parallel with the pressure of the water, treats and trains your muscles from all directions simultaneously. Simply standing side on to the jets, offsets your centre of gravity to engage a much broader range of muscles. This unconventional movement allows for holistic strengthening of your entire body.

Our stainless steel support bar, positioned above the bank of swim jets, is always on hand to provide added assistance when you need it.

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